FIRST SIGHT is a Global Business Strategy, Business Development and Marketing Communication Advisory Company which provides solutions and services for Governments, Companies, and Organizations.

FIRST SIGHT collaborates with companies to build, develop and improve their ability to generate new growth through Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Transfer. For Inventors and Owner of Intellectual Properties (IP), First Sight develops tailored Commercialization Strategies.

FIRST SIGHT offers a comprehensive suite of services across three languages (Arabic, French and English) to those looking to bridge the gap between Arab and European markets.

Based in Greater Paris Area (Yerres), since 2001, FIRST SIGHT leverages its many years of international experience to help their customers not only enhance their businesses growth beyond expectation but also increase the opportunities for creative cooperation and synergy effects.

We do this through a proprietary brand development process, integrated, and targeting marketing communication and advertising campaigns shaped by thorough research and analysis of both client business and the marketplace.

About First Sight