Innovation and Technology Transfer

Innovation is the embodiement, combination or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new businesses, products, services, processes ,or technologies. Innovation is a management process that requires specific tools, rules, and discipline


Exert strong leradership with regards to innovation strategy and portfolio decisions.

Integrate innovation into the company´s basic business mentality.

Align innovation with company strategy.

Manage the natural tension between creativity and value capture.

Neutralize organizational „antibodies“.

Receognize that the fundamental building blocks of innovation are networks that include people and knowledge both inside and outside the organization.

Create the right metrics and rewards for innovation, as well as structured process to guide the development of ideas.

FIRST SIGHT´s Innovation Audit measures the compliance with the „key to successful innovation“.

FIRST SIGHT provides a tailored breakthrough solution to meet clients needs for an innovation culture.

* Davila, Epstein and Shelto

Levels of Technology Transfer*